Derek Headshots 2016-10

 Essence Capturing… My Gift 


Growing up on the South Side of Chicago I was always fascinated with my family’s photo albums and the way that they conveyed who we were as a family by capturing the joy of different moments in our lives.  I actually was able to pick up an old familiar album and look at photos that would reconnect me with different times in my life.  I was also able to see my parents when they were younger and see them in ways that captured who they were at that time.  As I began taking pictures in high school and in college I became the recorder of history for my friends and began to fall in love with cameras and telling stories through my pictures.   This is the essence of what has me see life through my lenses, I want to capture the essence of people and who they truly are through my photography. 

I began my formal relationship with photography after acquiring my first semi-professional camera in 2005 after years of evolving from film cameras to digital point-n-shoot cameras.  I took classes and trained on how to not only work my camera as a tool but also the difference between taking pictures and shooting photos through photography.  I than began to learn by assisting other photographers in the studio and doing event photography as my informal apprenticeship which lead to me doing a wide variety of event, portraiture, and wedding photography as my side gig as I continued to work in Corporate America as my day job.  I then decided to start DK Photography to truly expand my passion and focus my efforts on making this my way of earning a living. 

So my focus still has 3 touchstones for my photography business: Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, and Event Photography because all 3 provide me much fulfillment in the ways that bring me back to my passion of capturing the essence of who people truly are.  Weddings allow me to commemorate one of the most momentous occasions in a family’s life by capturing the love and connection of the day.  With Portraiture I get to artistically convey the essence of who people are from a wide variety of styles from headshots, boudoir, maternity, and creative projects where I get to reveal to the world in a poignant way who people truly are

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